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The Lands of Arekoz

The Lands of Arekoz is a campaign setting created by Tony Bounds and Darrin Drader, and presented by Dark Portal Games.

Latest News

A new website! Designed and hosted by long time DPG senior project manager Patric Rogers!

As a complete aside - DPG dissolved around 2004, and that's when I started mocking up this site as a way to publish the material I had designed for it.  My interest faded around 2005 and I never officially launched this site. 

Now, in 2011, I'm coming back around to it, and will probably start putting up my unfinished content.  Better "unfinished than never published" and all that.

Other Publications

You can also find Dark Portal Games projects in Gaming Frontiers #4, and in Asgard Magazine #3 and #4.

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Setting Books:
-Arekoz Campaign Book
-Gateway: City of Living Waters

Dead Fire:
-Dead Fire
Dead Fire: Apotheosis

White Robes, Black Hearts:
-Enigma of the Arcanexus
Veil of Malice
Yagzanoch Revealed

Other Adventures:
-The Dynasty Entombed
In Pursuit of Glory
-Bringing Back Bellax
-That Which Hungers

Creatures of Arekoz:
-Aberrations, Constructs and Undead
-Dragons and Fey
-Humanoids, Monstrous Humanoids and Giants
-Oozes, Plants and Vermin
-Elementals and Outsiders